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Inspiration and motivation is my main aim -

if it's fun it's likely to be done!







BBringing joy and inspiration into training


My name is Julie and as a Certified Pro Dog Trainer I am here to inspire and motivate you to get the best ongoing support there is for your particular dog training struggle, whether it is barking, lunging, pulling on the lead or poor recall (other struggles are available!) with my ongoing support packages you can be sure you will get success.

I was inspired to train my own dog when I came across the fantastic Concept Trainers at Absolute Dogs, Tom and Lauren are known worldwide for their positive energy and have students all across the world. I am so happy that I am training through their Training Academy and have all the expertise needed to provide the best lesson plans for you and your dogs. After travelling to Devon with my own dog Luka to complete a Devon Dogs training package with the wonderful Trainers there, I knew that was what I wanted to do and have booked myself into various Pro Dog workshops in Devon throughout 2019 to further my training and learning experiences to ensure I pass on the very best experiences to you and your dogs.






Bring on the GAMES

Have FUN



See the focus in your dogs eyes, see the confidence he has in his surroundings, he is optimistic and eager to work with you, wants to be close to YOU and not the squirrel in a tree.  Relationship, focus, calmness and loose lead walking is all possible with fun three minute games, yes three minute games - what could be better?

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