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Inspiration and motivation is my main aim -

if it's fun it's likely to be done!







BBringing joy and inspiration into training


Concept training is motivational game based learning



When we bring our lovely new puppy/dog home what do we expect?  Well we all know that puppies and dogs get distracted, bark, lunge and pull on the lead, get so excited and zoom across the living room like something possessed and maybe chase squirrels but what can you do if you find this is your dog?


The dog you dreamed of walks nicely, loves to play games with you and is motivated to work with you.  There is so much value in your relationship and you have a fantastic unbreakable bond that is the envy of everyone that sees you.  Life with your dog is perfect or is it not?


Well if your answer is not then I have to tell you that you are looking in the right place because concept training is game based, motivating, transforming, inspiring, flexible and above all else FUN!  You can turn your dog struggles into strengths and get real life results that will make everyone notice you for all the right reasons!


You can be that person who has a special bond with their best friend.



With Ongoing Support I can help you with:-





Build value in YOU right from the start.  Do you want your puppy to chase squirrels, cars or other dogs?  No you would like him to stay with you instead or recall when you ask.  Let me tell you there's a game for that!



Young Dogs


Oh these can be a challenge! Reinforce and rehearse good choices and get the behaviours that you want using motivational 3 minute games - your dog will WANT to play with you.





They don't make bad choices because they want to annoy you, they have been allowed to rehearse these behaviours and now they have become normal for your dog and they simply don't understand that it's not acceptable.  There's a game for that!

Whatever your struggle I will provide advice, coaching and mentoring through an ongoing support programme and with only 2 new clients each month you can be sure to get the best individual support and learning with lesson plans made for you and your dog.


Dogs Just Want to have Fun


There are so many games to play with your dogs to teach them concepts that will set them up to be confident, calm, optimistic, motivated and have reliability that every owner wants.  Self-control and focus can be achieved through concept training.  A dog that is inspired to work with you and is eager to get started adds value to your relationship and will build the strongest bond.


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