MyLuka Dog Training Solutions




Inspiration and motivation is my main aim -

if it's fun it's likely to be done!







BBringing joy and inspiration into training


Whatever your training struggle I will provide advice, coaching and mentoring through an ongoing support program designed for you and your dog.  If your nightmare is getting dragged down the street or not being able to let your dog off lead because he won't come back for love nor sausage then I am here for you.

A unique 1-2-1 service that will take you through your journey in a fun, interactive and inspiring way from start to finish.  See the progress and enjoy the learning.

Bronze Package offers:-

5 hour of 1-2-1 sessions

AbsoluteDogs Training DVD (RRP: £35)

Follow up telephone call                  £160

 Silver Package Offers:-

10 hours of 1-2-1 sessions

AbsoluteDogs Training DVD (RRP: £35)

1 hour Pre-assessment 

Follow up telephone call                  £285


Gold Package Offers:-

15 hours of 1-2-1 sessions

AbsoluteDogs Training DVD (RRP: £35)


Follow up telephone call 

1 hour Refresher session               £395 

Do you have a new puppy?

  • I offer:-

10 hours 1-2-1 sessions

AbsoluteDogs Training DVD (RRP: £35)

1 hour pre-assessment 

Follow up telephone call                    £285

Puppies learn incredibly fast and this can start as soon as you bring your pup home.  I can show you how you can help him/her relax and be calm, gain confidence, boost optimism and self control while having fun.  The importance of good rest, sleep and time alone.  Get the best relationship with them from the very first moments and you have a bond that will last a lifetime.



Pro Dog Training explained in simple terms to help you understand how your dog learns. How does your reaction affect your dog?  Why does my dog not listen to me? By helping you understand your dogs emotions we can help to turn these struggles into strengths.


Playing will transform your dog into a focused, reliable dog that will be ready and eager to work for you.

Inspire your dog with lots of fun games and work on his optimism and confidence.  If your dog struggles in a class environment then 1-2-1 training will benefit you.  Give them the confidence they need to have a happy and stress free time and I can show you how in a force free and fun way. 

We all need encouragement, motivation and inspiration!  



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