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About Julie

Julie has been training dogs and puppies for many years starting her own dog training business in 2019 after an illness that left her unable to work in the school environment where she previously worked. Supporting five year old children just coming into school in Reception and seeing them progress into Year 1 was an amazing experience and this is where so much transformation took place in their learning.  Play is an important part of that learning, role play especially as they learn from each other and from their caregivers and this was and always will be part of the plan for training puppies and dogs.  "The joy you get when you see that lightbulb moment happen and they just 'get it!' They don't even know they are learning!"

Luka is Julie's third Dobermann in the family and from a tiny puppy he was quite a handful!  "I had forgotten how exhausting puppies could be!  If there was trouble he was often in the middle of it looking like butter wouldn't melt!"

After looking for training in the area and getting nowhere, Julie decided to look into what was available online.  The choice was overwhelming, information was very varied and the advice was conflicting so she decided to train Luka herself using the techniques she learned at school with the five year old children.  Learning through play worked with them, you had to think like a child and with kindness, support and encouragement show them what you want.  This was applied to Luka's training and then Julie found Absolute Dogs who taught her the games to train puppies and dogs and has found the passion to create her own business called MyLuka Dog Training Solutions.

Since setting up in 2019 Julie has become a multiple Award Winning Dog Trainer:-

  • Winning Central England Prestige Awards Dog Training Specialist of the Year 2020/21
  • Best Dog Training Enterprise 2021 - East Anglia
  • Central England Prestige Awards Puppy & Adolescent Dog Training Specialist of the Year 2021/22

An achievement she is very proud of.

Focusing on the needs of the puppy and dog parents as well makes all the difference to the outcome of any training and with support, guidance, motivation and encouragement Julie works to provide you with a training plan that is made for you and your dogs needs.  Why go to a training class when your dog is afraid of other dogs?  This is something that Julie will talk you through on the free fifteen minute Discovery Call as well as chat about your specific needs.

"There is something very special about being part of a dog or puppy's life and that is the relationship you have with them, taking a few minutes to play games to interact with your best friend will have a massive impact in the long term.

2018 Julie became a Certified Pro Dog Trainer (this assessment has been passed every year since to ensure up to date information is passed on to clients)  As a Pro Dog Trainer Julie has full support from Absolute Dogs Training in Devon and goes through rigorous checks to ensure that she provides very high standards when dog training, regularly assessed and receives ongoing and updated training and coaching.  Seminars and Webinars, in person training (pre covid) and hands on experience at Devon Dogs Training Centre in Devon.

2019 +  Julie gained Approved Dog Trainer status with the Dog Training College.  To keep this status a very high standard of training with Continued Professional Development, regular assessments and training opportunities, the Dog Training College always provide up to date information that can be passed onto clients perfect for puppy training.  Julie is also a Canine Body Language Specialist with the Dog Training College and has recently achieved Puppy Training Specialist status.

2019 + Platinum Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network Julie has undergone thorough one to one coaching through their programme and assessment process, ensuring she meets their high standards and force free philosophy and has shown exceptional progress in both her personal and business journey. Committed to receive ongoing coaching, which will ensure clients receive the best ongoing support and help encourage other professionals to reach out and help support each other.

When not working Julie likes to sketch, watch Netflix and socialise with friends and family (when possible) and try all the lovely flavours of gin there is to experience!

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