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MyLuka Dog Training Solutions brings joy and inspiration into training and supports you as a puppy and dog parent to create a strong bond utilising positive reinforcement training. Through knowledge and experience I bring the energy, enthusiasm and fun back into training and together with support, respect and positivity this will enable us to live together in harmony.

Supporting the whole family not just your dog or puppy, we are all learning together as a team and at the core of training is building a strong relationship that grows because with motivation comes the joy and once you bring the fun back into training through games then the possibilities are limitless.

Building confidence, focus, proximity, engagement, disengagement from the environment (squirrels!), recall and loose lead walking by playing fun three minute games throughout the day using dog's daily food allowance, yes I did say three minutes!

I focus on your needs as well as those of your dog because it can often be confidence that is at the root of some struggles, part of this wonderful training includes encouragement, motivation and kindness towards you because I know how it feels to have a struggle. Dog training is a learning experience for everyone not just for your dog or puppy and I respect everyone that takes the time and effort to create a wonderful future for themselves and their dog.


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Julie & Luka

I wanted to share inspirational training with other people who were also struggling with their dogs and MyLuka Dog Training Solutions was created with that in mind, I can show you how to bring the spark back into your relationship with motivational, fun games that really do get real life results, it makes me proud to see the bond restored!

The love that you see every day in your dogs eyes when they greet you, when you talk to them, when you play with them, it is a pleasure to have their love and affection and every dog should be treated with kindness and respect that they deserve.  

I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer and Affiliate Partner with Absolute Dogs in Devon. Each year (pre Covid) I  attended workshops and seminars for professional dog trainers and  received  training with Tom and Lauren who are two of the UK's top dog trainers, other members of the AD team who are amazing and we meet other pro trainers from all around the world to share experiences.  This has continued via massive online zoom experiences and has been amazing training experiences!  Where there is a problem there is always a solution!!

Having worked with dogs of all ages, stages and sizes there is support with lead pulling, poor recall, over excitement, lack of confidence and more to puppy training from the very start. Playing games to reinforce what you do want will make training a joy and not a chore, getting you real life results. As a Pro Dog Trainer we have full support and go through rigorous checks to ensure that we are able to provide very high standards when dog training, I am regularly assessed and receive ongoing and updated training and coaching.

The Dog Training College also ensures that I keep to a high standard of training with continued professional development, regular assessments and training opportunities and always provide me with up to date information that I can pass onto my clients perfect for puppy training.

As a Platinum Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network I have undergone thorough one to one coaching through their programme and assessment process, ensuring I meet their high standards and force free philosophy and have shown exceptional progress in both my personal and business journey. I will continue to receive ongoing coaching, which will ensure clients receive the best ongoing support and help encourage other professionals to reach out and help support each other.

I am very proud to have won two Business Awards in 2020 and 2021, this is my motivation to keep going to provide you with the best training possible.

Together We Are Stronger

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