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About MyLuka Dog Training Solutions

Julie Carter is a Multi Award Winning Dog and Puppy Trainer, specialising in  Puppy Training,  Canine Reactivity and Canine Body Language.  Studying with the Dog Training College since 2019, Julie is here to help give you the very best long term one to one support for you, your puppy and dog through her bespoke Puppy Foundation, Junior, Adolescent and Life Skills Training Plans.


Understanding Separation Anxiety

Introduction to Assistance Dog Training


Loose Lead Walking


Dog Law

Children and Dogs

Stop Pulling – Tellington T Touch Way

Puppy Training Specialist

Understanding Puppy Development

Understanding Puppy Socialisation

Puppy Health and Wellness

Puppy Toilet Training

Puppy Biting and Chewing

Puppy Relationship Building

Canine Reactivity Specialist

Dog-Dog Interactions

Inspiring Calmness

Rescue Dogs

Canine Body Language Specialist

Canine Vocalisation

Canine Emotions

Building your Dog’s Confidence

Canine Compulsive Disorders


This is our story:-

Luka is our third Dobermann in the family and from a tiny puppy he was quite a handful! I had forgotten how exhausting puppies could be! If there was trouble he was often in the middle of it looking like butter wouldn’t melt!” He would cry when we left the room even for a second, he was a biting, nipping, eating machine and after a while even the kids didn’t want to be around him because he hurt them and this was so unpredictable, one minute he was adorable and the next he was an absolute crazy thing diving for their feet and nipping their ankles, pulling at their clothes, they were afraid to go near him. Then there were the sleepless nights, the crying, not wanting to go back to sleep it was never ending, we were exhausted! So much information was available online but it was just so conflicting.

This is where the journey into Puppy Training started, there was no going back.

Finding that magic ingredient “”GAMES”” was the best thing that happened and our relationship became stronger and it became enjoyable for the first time! Game Based Training works, I know this from my own experience and all of the students that I have had the pleasure to teach over the last three years.

So join me as I take you step by step through your training transformation from the start with a clear plan of action and from there you will receive all the support you need to create a wonderful strong relationship with your puppy or dog to get the very best results for you and your family.

I am here to support, motivate, encourage and inspire YOU to train your puppy or dog because you are the one that is spending 24/7 with them.
I will support you and help you build your relationship with your dog so that you can read their body language and know what they are asking or telling you so that you can respond to their needs.

Game Based Training

Games teach concepts and this is how your dog learns

Concept training is all about shaping your dogs behaviour so you can achieve reliability, flexibility, confidence, optimism, focus all of which is needed to bring out the best in your dog and take your relationship to the next level. Believe that you can be the owner in the park that has a fantastically responsive dog, it is possible by building the foundations, confidence is needed for a dog that is lunging on the end of a lead, focus is needed for a dog that doesn’t listen to you on a walk. All this can happen with games and good interaction.

  • Confidence = the foundation of stress free walks, recall, family and vet visits
  • Calmness = a dog that is happy, relaxed and makes good choices
  • Self control = your dog is able to choose not to chase the cyclist
  • Focus = chooses you over the environment
  • Reliability = your dog can come back to you when called
  • Proximity = choosing to stay close to you and being confident in your company
  • Flexibility = a dog that can adapt to different surroundings or situations

It’s all about short snappy games that shape your dogs learning and helps them make choices.
If it’s fun it’s likely to be done!

Customer testimonials

Julie has been a delight to work with. Our 4 month old puppy has learnt so much and is continuing to develop. Julie is patient and is very good at what she does (she knows her stuff) would definitely recommend for dog training to family and friends.

Julie has been absolutely excellent with all the training for my puppy. The sessions were on a weekly basis which was extremely easy to understand and straightforward that ensured amazing results. Julie is highly proficient and professional. I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to her, however you must be prepared to put in the work in order to see the results!

Julie has really helped us for the past 5 weeks with training, confidence and separation anxiety with our 10 week old puppy. She came to our home weekly and sent us lots of helpful tools and advice to help us being new puppy parents. It’s really helped us and made things a lot easier for us and for Marty. Thank you!