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Julie Carter is a Multi Award Winning Dog Trainer & Puppy Training Specialist and is here to help give you the very best long term one to one support for you and your puppy through her bespoke Puppy Foundation, Junior and Adolescent Training Plans.

This is Julie's story:-

Luka is Julie's third Dobermann in the family and from a tiny puppy he was quite a handful!  "I had forgotten how exhausting puppies could be!  If there was trouble he was often in the middle of it looking like butter wouldn't melt!"  He would cry when we left the room even for a second, he was a biting, nipping, eating machine and after a while even the kids didn't want to be around him because he hurt them and this was so unpredictable, one minute he was adorable and the next he was an absolute crazy thing diving for their feet and nipping their ankles, pulling at their clothes, they were afraid to go near him.  Then there were the sleepless nights, the crying, not wanting to go back to sleep it was never ending, we were exhausted!  So much information was available online but it was just so conflicting. 

This is where the journey into Puppy Training started, there was no going back.  

Finding that magic ingredient "GAMES" was the best thing that happened and their relationship became stronger and it became enjoyable for the first time! 

Game Based Training works, Julie knows this from her own experience and all of the students that she has had the pleasure to teach over the last three years. 

So join Julie as she takes you step by step through your training transformation from the start with a clear plan of action and from there you will receive all the support you need to create a wonderful strong relationship with your puppy to get the very best results for you and your family.

Q) What is a dog trainer/puppy trainer?

A) Someone who trains your dog or puppy

This is not me, I do not train your puppy or dog - YOU DO. You are your dogs trainer, if you have a puppy or dog you are their trainer, through every interaction you have with them whether it is good or bad you are training them.

So what do I do? I support, motivate, encourage, inspire, coach, believe, teach, create, talk, mentor YOU yes YOU to train your puppy or dog because you are the one that is spending 24/7 with them not me, you know them better than me and it is not my job to tell you that you are doing it wrong or take your dog off you and show you how to do things my way. No I will support you and help you build your relationship with them so that you can read their body language and know what they are asking your or telling you so that you can respond to their needs. Having a dog is about respect and it works both ways, not just one way. If you feel the need to be top dog or show your dog who is boss then this is not respect and you would be very unhappy if your dog was doing this to you! Work together, live together and be at peace with each other, love the life you have because it is so short in real terms -

Why did you get a dog? Just take a moment to think about this one and look at the beauty that is before you and say I LOVE YOU, I AM GRATEFUL that you are in my life and work on a partnership that makes you both feel good about being in this world together.

Why am I different to other trainers?  I support you on your training journey, I do not train your dog or puppy but I guide you through your struggles and bring light to the end of your tunnel.

You do all the hard work but I can make it easier for you!

I am Julie Carter at MyLuka Dog Training Solutions and I love my job so much I hope that comes across in every interaction that I have with you. With best wishes

Game Based Training

Games teach concepts and this is how your dog learns

Concept training is all about shaping your dogs behaviour so you can achieve reliability, flexibility, confidence, optimism, focus all of which is needed to bring out the best in your dog and take your relationship to the next level. Believe that you can be the owner in the park that has a fantastically responsive dog, it is possible by building the foundations, confidence is needed for a dog that is lunging on the end of a lead, focus is needed for a dog that doesn’t listen to you on a walk. All this can happen with games and good interaction.

  • Confidence = the foundation of stress free walks, recall, family and vet visits
  • Calmness = a dog that is happy, relaxed and makes good choices
  • Self control = your dog is able to choose not to chase the cyclist
  • Focus = chooses you over the environment
  • Reliability = your dog can come back to you when called
  • Proximity = choosing to stay close to you and being confident in your company
  • Flexibility = a dog that can adapt to different surroundings or situations

It's all about short snappy games that shape your dogs learning and helps them make choices.  

If it's fun it's likely to be done!


MyLuka Dog Trainer


"I wanted to tell you about one of the proudest moments I had yesterday. Walking on the road behind our house and a dog came towards us so I asked Lola to sit and told her she was a good girl. As the lady walked past, she said ‘great training ’ today, have done the same twice and the owners have said thank you, much appreciated when they have walked past. Never did I think I would be one of those owners I was jealous of and that’s thanks to you. It’s actually a year in half term that you came round for the 1st time.  I was SO proud yesterday and just love walking her now, whereas before I dreaded it"  Sarah & Lola


"I would recommend MyLuka Dog Training to anyone. Julie did a 5 week training course with our lab puppy and we saw a difference really quickly! He is much calmer and the training was excellent incorporating games into training! Thank you so much!" Ruby 


"Julie put us at ease straight away with some challenging behaviour that needed working on with our cockapoo and border terrier. She knows her subject well and is experienced and reassuring. Julie adapted the training to the personality of the individual dogs and came up with solutions that will work for them. We had some funny moments along the way and I’d recommend Julie for her knowledge and expertise. Thank you" Joanne


"I would absolutely recommend MyLuka dog training solutions. Having training sessions at home really made me feel at ease as I have bad anxiety and the trainer Julie was really warm and Friendly and happy to answer all my questions No matter how daft or extravagant they seemed. She’s fab. Train with her. You won’t regret it!!!" Kari


"Julie's calm and professional manner with our unruly puppy, Henry, saw an immediate improvement in basic behaviour. The introduction of "The Mat" gave Henry ownership of his behaviour and his "Space" where he could return to and feel safe and be rewarded for being good. Henry greeted her on subsequent visits and appeared eager to interact. Problems address included walking under control and patience during static periods such as meeting people. We, as people, were given instruction on how to and how not to communicate our wishes to Henry. Unfortunately COVID Lockdown made personal visits impossible but Julie supplied links to video instruction that helped keep up the training and has resulted in a much improved relationship between us all." Julie & Henry


"Julie has a knack of getting the best out of you and she is so determined to get you to reach your goals! The sessions always lasted way longer than an hour and it was obvious Julie had put a lot of effort into the planning so they are also superb value for money. I got what I wanted, a reliable recall but more importantly I learnt how to communicate effectively with my dog and as a result I feel more connected to her. That’s down to the professionalism, determination and knowledge of Myluka training, I would definitely recommend them to any dog owners." Jane