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Mission Statement

What do I do?

The purpose of MyLuka Dog Training Solutions is to promote a strong relationship between dogs and parents based on mutual love, trust and respect through training and education.

Through observation I am able to bring out the confidence in both dog and parent which may be missing in order to get the results they want.  With support, encouragement, respect and a friendly approach I show parents that with a strong bond they are capable of achieving success.

What problem do I solve?

I see the dog/parent partnership as it is when there are issues.  My purpose is to strengthen that relationship with an understanding of why the problem may be happening, bring back confidence to parents to help their dog or puppy cope in stressful situations, offer encouragement and support through fun game based training that restores the love, enthusiasm and happiness that creates a willingness to work together to get results. Together we are stronger.

Bringing joy and inspiration into training your dog.  If it’s fun, it’s likely to be done!