Adolescent Dog 12 Months +

Adolescent Dog Training


Training an adolescent dog can be challenging, we need clear, effective strategies and techniques to train them successfully.  This process can be extremely rewarding when you start seeing results that you thought were not possible.  

Your dog is not being difficult they are struggling with their hormones therefore all previous training can just seem to disappear in a puff of smoke!

Unfortunately adolescent dogs are the ones that are usually rehomed or placed in rescue centres because of their behaviour, therefore,  if you are struggling with your dog’s training, please contact me for help.

How does it work?

I visit you in your home for one hour a week for a total of five weeks.  There I will support, encourage and motivate you to train your adolescent dog, showing you how to play cleverly designed games that will shape their brain so that the choices they make in everyday life will certainly be good ones.  You could be struggling with loose lead walking, focus, self control, recall, confidence, calmness and more, let me help!

We work together so that the training works on your family dynamics (not those of other well meaning friends and family!)  This is YOUR dog!

All training is force and pressure free which helps rebuild your relationship with your adolescent dog!  Patience, love, trust and respect are all needed at this stage of your dog’s development.  No force is needed only guidance so that you will all get through what can be a difficult phase in your dog’s life. 

Included in the Adolescent Dog Training

  • 15 minute discovery call before training commences
  • Support via email Mon – Friday
  • SOS phone call if needed Mon-Fri
  • Five x one hour training sessions in your own home
  • All training plans are tailored to your dog’s needs
  • Certificate on completion
  • Ongoing support after training is complete
  • Gift pack
  • 15 minute follow on call to check on progress and answer any questions you have


Program price – £320

* £30 added for training outside PE30

I am here to support, motivate, encourage and inspire YOU to train your puppy or dog because you are the one that is spending 24/7 with them.
I will support you and help you build your relationship with your dog so that you can read their body language and know what they are asking or telling you so that you can respond to their needs.

Customer testimonials

Julie has been a delight to work with. Our 4 month old puppy has learnt so much and is continuing to develop. Julie is patient and is very good at what she does (she knows her stuff) would definitely recommend for dog training to family and friends.

Julie has been absolutely excellent with all the training for my puppy. The sessions were on a weekly basis which was extremely easy to understand and straightforward that ensured amazing results. Julie is highly proficient and professional. I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to her, however you must be prepared to put in the work in order to see the results!

Julie has really helped us for the past 5 weeks with training, confidence and separation anxiety with our 10 week old puppy. She came to our home weekly and sent us lots of helpful tools and advice to help us being new puppy parents. It’s really helped us and made things a lot easier for us and for Marty. Thank you!