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Are you looking for a dog trainer to help you?  Dogs that run away are a danger to themselves and to others, dogs that are lead pulling or lunge and bark at the end of the lead are difficult to walk, dogs that resource guard are more likely to growl or bite, I see this often as a dog trainer and it is so frustrating for everyone involved, this is not the reason why you got a dog or puppy to join your family, you wanted lovely peaceful walks on the beach or in the park with the children, you wanted a dog you could take out for the day and go to the pub for lunch and not worry about behaviour.

You know you have to do the work to make this better. You don’t have to do it all alone! Would you like to work with me and get all the support you need to succeed to get the results you want?

I am here to help

I am a mum, a game based dog trainer, mentor and coach supporting other inspiring trainers, I enjoy working with families of all ages, love training dogs and puppies of all ages and stages - large and tiny I don't mind! 

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