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Bring on the Games 

Have Fun  

Build Value

See the focus in your dog's eyes, see the confidence he has in his surroundings, he is optimistic and eager to work with you, wants to be close to you and not the squirrel in the tree. Relationship, focus, calmness and loose lead walking are all about short snappy games.  Dog training really is fun!   

Make learning fun!

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Games teach concepts and this is how your dog learns

Concept training is all about shaping your dogs behaviour so you can achieve reliability, flexibility, confidence, optimism, focus all of which is needed to bring out the best in your dog and take your relationship to the next level. Believe that you can be the owner in the park that has a fantastically responsive dog, it is possible by building the foundations, confidence is needed for a dog that is lunging on the end of a lead, focus is needed for a dog that doesn’t listen to you on a walk. All this can happen with games and good interaction.

  • Confidence = the foundation of stress free walks, recall, family and vet visits
  • Calmness = a dog that is happy, relaxed and makes good choices
  • Self control = your dog is able to choose not to chase the cyclist
  • Focus = chooses you over the environment
  • Reliability = your dog can come back to you when called
  • Proximity = choosing to stay close to you and being confident in your company
  • Flexibility = a dog that can adapt to different surroundings or situations

It's all about short snappy games that shape your dogs learning and helps them make choices.  

If it's fun it's likely to be done!

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Lola Cone Game

This game boosts confidence, optimism, flexibility, value for proximity and focus

Lola struggled to put on her harness for walking, now she is happy to put her head through!

Willow Cardboard Chaos

This game boosts confidence, optimism, desire, grit and proximity

Willow was very nervous in her surroundings and especially when people were around her.  Introducing novelty has built up her confidence, she will now happily bring her ball for me to play with her!

Charlie - Two Paws On

This helps boast confidence, optimism, arousal concepts and focus skills

Charlie loved to chase the cats in his house but after working with focus games we were able to redirect his attention to much more fun!