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Have you recently got a lovely new puppy and would like to get started on some puppy training sessions for relationship building? Teaching your puppy from an early age what you do want will prevent them learning behaviours that you don't want.  Now that has to be worth its weight in gold!


This is a must if you have a new puppy!!

A complete Mastermind covering all the basics such as crate training, toileting, nipping and biting, sleeping and so much more that you would want to know about when you are thinking about a new puppy addition.

Create the best relationship with your puppy from the start, don't let those little niggles turn into big struggles .....


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Together We Are Stronger! 

Motivational Game Based Dog Training for all the Family.  Get inspired, be creative, have fun and build a relationship that you can be truly proud of.  There are no limits to the amount of joy you can experience training your puppy!

Do you remember WHY you got your dog? 

You had an image of a dog that plays beautifully with other dogs and doesn't worry about anything in the environment when you take them for a walk.  They are a pleasure to live with and are content just to sit by your feet while you watch the TV.

Now you have your dog, is the reality the same as your dream or does your dog run away from you, pull on the lead, chase anything that moves?  Are you fed up with the whole situation you find yourself in?  Do you get home from your walk and wonder if you dare show your face in the community ever again?  Believe me when I say I have felt like this too, frustrated, embarrassed and alone not knowing what to do. 

YOU are not alone!  We do this together, at each stage you will receive 100% support and guidance from me and if you think that it is impossible and there is no hope let me reassure you that there is always hope and I love a challenge!!!

calm puppy training


1-2-1 puppy training 2-6 months old - build a strong foundation with your pup!

puppy training in the garden


1-2-1 puppy training for dogs 6-12 months old - strengthen the bond!

dog training at home


1-2-1 puppy training for specific needs!

large puppy training in the garden
puppy training in the garden
two small dogs looking up at owner
dog training at home
puppy training at home
new puppy training at home
puppy training in the garden
dog training to stay calm

Puppy Separation Anxiety

How do you know if your puppy may be suffering from anxiety when left?




Dogs may only do these behaviours when left alone because they feel secure in the presence of their owners.