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Separation Anxiety

How do you know if your dog may be suffering from anxiety when left?




Dogs may only do these behaviours when left alone because they feel secure in the presence of their owners.

Barking when alone - Are they worried about something or are they frustrated because they can see something outside and cannot get to it?

Toileting when alone - Do they do this every time you leave them alone?  Does your dog have access to the outside where they can go to the toilet if they need to?  Maybe you could arrange for a dog sitter or someone that can spend a little time while you are out to be with your dog if you work longer hours, this will give them the opportunity to go to the toilet and have some company.

Destruction - Is your dog chewing or digging as a way of coping with being left, maybe this behaviour has made them feel better previously and then they repeat it each time you leave.  

What can you do to help your dog (and your neighbours!)

  1.  Get support, this will not go away on it's own and they won't grow out of it.
  2.  Film your dog when you leave them, do not go to work when you do this as          watching your dog when they are anxious will make you anxious too.
  3. Once you have recorded your dog on a number of occasions when left alone then we can work out whether they may have separation anxiety or something else that needs treating differently.

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