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Being a puppy parent is a wonderful experience but believe me when I say it is not always easy!  You may have sleepless nights, zoomies, separation related behaviours, biting and nipping associated with teething and so much more!  How you deal with this in the early days is important to how your relationship grows, this can be a time for tension or can be time for strengths and achievements.  Did you know that Puppy Blues is a real thing?  Yes there are many puppy owners that do want to give them back after only a few weeks because they just didn't realise the stress having a new puppy can cause!

Getting it right from the start means you won't be correcting issues later on and that will make life easier all round because once a behaviour is learned it is harder to unlearn, not impossible it just means that more effort will need to be put into training.  I have supported dogs and parents who struggle with recall, loose lead walking, separation issues and all of these can be corrected with patience and a targeted training plan that is unique to them.  Training from puppyhood can avoid these issues from arising in the first place.

So if you have a new puppy or an older puppy then contact me and we can arrange a free 15 minute discovery phone call to talk through your needs.

MyLuka Vision
MyLuka Vision
Bringing joy and inspiration into training your puppies and dogs. If it’s fun, it’s likely to be done!
MyLuka Mission
MyLuka Mission
To promote a strong relationship between dogs and parents based on mutual love, trust and respect through training and education.
MyLuka Values
MyLuka Values
Have Fun ~ Encourage & Support ~ Build Strong Relationships ~ Create Positivity ~ Client Focused

About MyLuka Dog Training Solutions

Julie Carter is a Multi Award Winning Dog Trainer & Puppy Training Specialist and is here to help give you the very best long term one to one support for you and your puppy through her bespoke Puppy Foundation, Junior and Adolescent Training Plans.

This is Julie's story:-

Luka is Julie's third Dobermann in the family and from a tiny puppy he was quite a handful!  "I had forgotten how exhausting puppies could be!  If there was trouble he was often in the middle of it looking like butter wouldn't melt!"  He would cry when we left the room even for a second, he was a biting, nipping, eating machine and after a while even the kids didn't want to be around him because he hurt them and this was so unpredictable, one minute he was adorable and the next he was an absolute crazy thing diving for their feet and nipping their ankles, pulling at their clothes, they were afraid to go near him.  Then there were the sleepless nights, the crying, not wanting to go back to sleep it was never ending, we were exhausted!  So much information was available online but it was just so conflicting. 

This is where the journey into Puppy Training started, there was no going back.  

Finding that magic ingredient "GAMES" was the best thing that happened and their relationship became stronger and it became enjoyable for the first time! 

Game Based Training works, Julie knows this from her own experience and all of the students that she has had the pleasure to teach over the last three years. 

So join Julie as she takes you step by step through your training transformation from the start with a clear plan of action and from there you will receive all the support you need to create a wonderful strong relationship with your puppy to get the very best results for you and your family.

Training Plans & Prices

Hello world

One to One Puppy Foundation Training suitable for Puppies 2-6 months old

Five one hour training sessions each week in your own home working on the foundations, you can ask questions, learn how to interact and read your puppy's body language so that you can understand their needs.

Each week we will learn new training games and this will help any future learning of behaviours easy.  Teaching your puppy to think and make their own choices gives them many options to deal with situations they find themselves in and enables them to make good choices.

Included in this programme 

  • 15 minute discovery call before training commences 
  • Telephone support if required
  • Training treats for each training session 
  • Lifetime Follow on support via email Mon - Friday 
  • Downloadable guides, e-books and worksheets for each training session 
  • Puppy gift pack and certificate on completion 
  • 15 minute follow up telephone call 

    Programme price - £315

* £20 will be added for fuel costs outside PE30 area

One to One Puppy Junior Training suitable for Puppies 6-12 months old

Five one hour training sessions in your own home focusing on the life skills needed to become a confident, happy member of your family who is comfortable with the world around them.

This training package follows on or can be taken separately from the puppy foundation training and takes your skills and your puppy's confidence to the next level!

Included in this programme 

  • 15 minute discovery call before training commences
  • Telephone support if required
  • Training treats for training sessions
  • Life time follow on support via email Mon - Friday
  • Downloadable guides, e-books and worksheets for each training session
  • Puppy gift pack and certificate on completion
  • 15 minute follow up telephone call

    Programme price £315

* £20 will be added for fuel costs outside PE30 area

One to One Life Skills Training Adolescent

Five one hour training sessions in your own home working on:-

Loose lead walking, recall, confidence, flexibility, calmness and more.

Each week we will be learning a new life skill to help your dog become more confident within their environment.

Included in this programme:-

  • 15 minute discovery call prior to training 
  • Telephone support if required
  • Training treats for training sessions
  • Life time follow on support via email Mon - Friday
  • Downloadable guides, e-books and worksheets for each training session
  • Gift and certificate on completion
  • 15 minute follow up telephone call

    Programme price £325

* £20 will be added for fuel costs outside PE30 area

Game Based Training

Games teach concepts and this is how your dog learns

Concept training is all about shaping your dogs behaviour so you can achieve reliability, flexibility, confidence, optimism, focus all of which is needed to bring out the best in your dog and take your relationship to the next level. Believe that you can be the owner in the park that has a fantastically responsive dog, it is possible by building the foundations, confidence is needed for a dog that is lunging on the end of a lead, focus is needed for a dog that doesn’t listen to you on a walk. All this can happen with games and good interaction.

  • Confidence = the foundation of stress free walks, recall, family and vet visits
  • Calmness = a dog that is happy, relaxed and makes good choices
  • Self control = your dog is able to choose not to chase the cyclist
  • Focus = chooses you over the environment
  • Reliability = your dog can come back to you when called
  • Proximity = choosing to stay close to you and being confident in your company
  • Flexibility = a dog that can adapt to different surroundings or situations

It's all about short snappy games that shape your dogs learning and helps them make choices.  

If it's fun it's likely to be done!



Julie has been training our GSD puppy since he was 9 weeks old (he's now 5 months) and all the skills he's picked up in that short time have been amazing, we wanted to begin any training with him whilst he was still young and would pick up anything new and as Julie makes every training session fun, to him he's just having one big game each time!  I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is considering puppy/dog training and we feel lucky that we have her to train our pup as she's the most patient, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, caring, supportive, enthusiastic, motivating and encouraging person to all of us.

Hayley, Mark, Lucy & Smokey


Julie's calm and professional manner with our unruly puppy, Henry, saw an immediate improvement in basic behaviour. The introduction of "The Mat" gave Henry ownership of his behaviour and his "Space" where he could return to and feel safe and be rewarded for being good. Henry greeted her on subsequent visits and appeared eager to interact. Problems address included walking under control and patience during static periods such as meeting people. We, as people, were given instruction on how to and how not to communicate our wishes to Henry. Unfortunately COVID Lockdown made personal visits impossible but Julie supplied links to video instruction that helped keep up the training and has resulted in a much improved relationship between us all.

Julie, Mike & Henry


"Julie has been a brilliant trainer, she makes training fun and her knowledge of dog behavior makes understanding how your dog feels so much easier. Leo was a very nervous puppy but now is much more confident. Many thanks."

Mick & Leo


Julie is fantastic, she has trained us to train our dog in such an enjoyable way, which involves the whole family. We have noticed such a change in our young dog who just a few weeks ago seemed impossible to train!
Julie is friendly, and really knows what she is doing.  We will miss her coming, and my dog has really become fond of her! We can now enjoy our dog, Julie is worth every penny.

Ellie & Morris



"We were struggling with our giant breed puppy. He was tricky to handle at times and I had low confidence around him.  Julie came to help us and she was great!

She taught us how to calm things down, how to teach him important lessons through simple play sessions and most importantly was there whenever I needed her to offer support and encouragement.

We’ve still got some way to go, but thanks to Julie, we’ve started to create a noticeable bond with our boy.

I would thoroughly recommend Julie for all your training worries."

Liz, Paul & Rupert


My 7month old laser had his problems when we got him but with Julie’s help we have come so far. I don’t think he will ever like the door bell so have got rid of this. Laser has come so far in the 5 sessions she has helped my children and I to have more fun with him and he is so much calmer than when she first came it’s been lovely to see laser graduate his first set of training (and the children lol) we will be back for our next lot soon and get our boy a bit more used to the sometimes chaotic house I have. Thanks so much Julie it’s much more pleasant having guests round now."

Vikki, Laser & Family


"Julie was a godsend for my rescue pup, (got him at 4 months) at 10 months he was unruly, jumping up and did not take much notice of us. Within 5 sessions Julie had calmed him down, he hardly jumped up at people and he listened and was doing as he was asked. Friends and family could not believe the difference in him which was great. Completely recommended Julie for training, a lovely person, full of good advice and showed us different techniques which was very helpful and my dog loved training with her. It was fun for him and he loved it as it was food based. Dog and owners very happy."

Ann, Martin & Cracker



"So pleased with the training for Misty, as she’s 5 years old I thought it would be difficult to train her but Julie (MyLuka dog training) assured me that NO dog is to old to learn. I’m absolutely amazed at the difference just 5 x 1 hour training sessions has made. Misty is so much calmer now, she doesn’t snarl or try to bite if I lift her of the sofa, she comes back to me when I call her, she also enjoys games in the garden which she never bothered about before. All visitors to my home have remarked on how much calmer she is. Misty and I have now bonded with each other and I no longer worry about her when there are young children around Anyone wanting their dog trained I would highly recommend MyLuka Dog Training Solutions. First class service!"

Cathy & Misty


"My dog Oscar was having problems interacting with other dogs but found out it wasn’t aggression he’s just very anxious, we learnt lots of games and its helped his confidence hugely. I also realised I was half the problem, when we see other dogs out now I work on what I have been taught and Oscar is now walking with other dogs off lead, such huge improvements! I have my dog back again and it’s thanks to you!"

Laura & Oscar


"Today was my last session with Julie with Reggie my six year old spaniel cross. We'd rather lost our way and I was not confident in my handling of this delightful but strong minded dog.
Five weeks on with lots of practice I can see the results! Reg is now enjoying the games and rewards Julie has taught us and has totally re-bonded with me. We are both enjoying the short, fun games and reaping the rewards.
Nothing happens overnight and without practice but Julie's methods are gentle and fun and so suited Reg. He has become more affectionate as a result and engaged with me.
I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to her. Be prepared to put in the work and see the results!"

Sue & Reggie


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