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"I wanted to tell you about one of the proudest moments I had yesterday. Walking on the road behind our house and a dog came towards us so I asked Lola to sit and told her she was a good girl. As the lady walked past, she said ‘great training ’ today, have done the same twice and the owners have said thank you, much appreciated when they have walked past. Never did I think I would be one of those owners I was jealous of and that’s thanks to you. It’s actually a year in half term that you came round for the 1st time.  I was SO proud yesterday and just love walking her now, whereas before I dreaded it"  Sarah & Lola

Ruby B recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 24 December 2021

I would recommend MyLuka Dog Training to anyone. Julie did a 5 week training course with our lab puppy and we saw a difference really quickly! He is much calmer and the training was excellent incorporating games into training! Thank you so much!

Kirsty/Karen recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 10 November 2021

Julie came to visit us at home, Denzil is a 7 year old rehomed dog and we wanted some help with some training. Denzil responded well and was engaged in the games. We carried on with this training which teaches the dog to think rather than predicting the expected behaviour.

Hayley j 5 weeks ago

Julie has been training our GSD puppy since he was 9 weeks old (he's now 5 months) and all the skills he's picked up in that short time have been amazing, we wanted to begin any training with him whilst he was still young and would pick up anything new and as Julie makes every training session fun, to him he's just having one big game each time!  I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is considering puppy/dog training and we feel lucky that we have her to train our pup as she's the most patient, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, caring, supportive, enthusiastic, motivating and encouraging person to all of us.

Sarah B 5 weeks ago

Thank you sooo much Julie for pointing us in the right direction re training with our little boy! We feel much better equipped now for 'reading' him and therefore responding in accordance to his needs. He continues to delight us and we can really see that progress is being made. We aim to continue with his games (which he really enjoys) and therefore end up with a happy stimulated responsive dog which makes us happy rewarded owners! Keep up the good work.

Clare R  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions

3 March 2021

Julie has given me and my puppy Luna confidence and we had fun in our puppy training sessions. The support and reassurance Julie offers is amazing, I would recommend MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 100%

Bunny H  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions

13 March 2021

We were struggling with our giant breed puppy. He was tricky to handle at times and I had low confidence around him.

Julie came to help us and she was great!

She taught us how to calm things down, how to teach him important lessons through simple play sessions and most importantly was there whenever I needed her to offer support and encouragement.

We’ve still got some way to go, but thanks to Julie, we’ve started to create a noticeable bond with our boy.

I would thoroughly recommend Julie for all your training worries.

Richard recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 2 months ago

Positive: Professionalism

Julie came and did a one 2 one session with our 2 rescue dogs and gave us loads of great advice and games to play. They are still a work in progress but definitely seeing some big improvements and we at least now have the right games and tricks to help train them.

JulieR recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions

Henry is now a pleasure to be with.

Julie's calm and professional manner with our unruly puppy, Henry, saw an immediate improvement in basic behaviour. The introduction of "The Mat" gave Henry ownership of his behaviour and his "Space" where he could return to and feel safe and be rewarded for being good. Henry greeted her on subsequent visits and appeared eager to interact. Problems address included walking under control and patience during static periods such as meeting people. We, as people, were given instruction on how to and how not to communicate our wishes to Henry. Unfortunately COVID Lockdown made personal visits impossible but Julie supplied links to video instruction that helped keep up the training and has resulted in a much improved relationship between us all.

Joanne W recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 3 December 2021

Juile put us at ease straight away with some challenging behaviour that needed working on with our cockapoo and border terrier. She knows her subject well and is experienced and reassuring. Juile adapted the training to the personality of the individual dogs and came up with solutions that will work for them. We had some funny moments along the way and I’d recommend Juile for her knowledge and expertise. Thank you

Vikki A  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 24 June 2021 My 7month old laser had his problems when we got him but with Julie’s help we have come so far. I don’t think he will ever like the door bell so have got rid of this. Laser has come so far in the 5 sessions she has helped my children and I to have more fun with him and he is so much calmer than when she first came it’s been lovely to see laser graduate his first set of training (and the children lol) we will be back for our next lot soon and get our boy a bit more used to the sometimes chaotic house I have. Thanks so much Julie it’s much more pleasant having guests round now.

Emma recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions  4 months ago

Positive: Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness

Julie has been amazing and set us off to a fabulous start with our puppy training. Her game based methods are great fun, both us and Margo love them ! Highly recommended !

Toni P  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions.

Thank you so much for training our new cockapoo.. we enjoyed every minute if you coming to see us.. made a friend for life and Leyla is doing so well 100% recommended Julie and the service she provides

Helen recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 2 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Reliability, Responsiveness

Very good session with Julie for my dog Frank. I was at the end of knowing what to do with him as he was fearing going out and barking. It has given me confidence to know what I am doing with him in spending a session with Julie and we have learnt a command for all eventualities that he understood after one session. I feel more hopeful for a better life for him. I would recommend Julie.

Bridget recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions

Games based training

My Luka Training has provided me with tools for me to work with my very excitable puppy. I have seen an improvement in her self control, recall and walking better on the lead. I still have work to do, but now I have the tools to have more fun with my pup. She loves the games based training.

Lindsay W, October 2021 

Made training fun for all of us, so patient and truly cares. We still play the games now and they still work. Always recommend Julie at MyLuka to anyone and everyone we meet on our walks.

Emma H, October 2021 

My puppy and I loved training with Julie, she was so supportive and calm and taught me lots in the early puppy days, I did the next course after the puppy one and loved it, my clever pup did too and I would recommend MyLuka dog training highly.

Estelle S recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 

6 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability

Great training, all game based. Julie has done wonders for my dog would 100% reccomend!!


A FANTASTIC AND INVALUABLE SERVICE WHEN TRAINING YOUR DOG WHILE MAINTAINING A POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP. We contacted MyLuka as first time dog owners of a stubborn and high energy Cocker Spaniel, the training 'games' Julie taught us to play were easy to learn with instant results. Not only do they train our dog Bella but they've improved our relationship with her too. The children are able to get involved with our training now and it's fantastic to see how quickly Bella responds when she knows it is time to 'play'.

Kody Clarke  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions.3 April 2019 · 

Poppy has never been a calm dog and is crazy when you get the lead out but today on day one of her training we clipped the lead on with no noise what so ever a first for us and she laid down on her bed. Absolutely fantastic results on day one I highly recommend amazing trainer


AMAZING. Fantastic service. Turned my dog in to an angel in 4 weeks. He was treating my son like a puppy/toy that he could play rough with. My son was scared of him but with different games and commands he now respects him and does what he says. Can’t thank you enough. Would definitely recommend.

Ola Gould  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions.

10 May 2019 · 

Laddy is so good now and so focused after this, we got so many precious advices we are so grateful for this, it’s changed our relationship for good ❤️

Sue Gale  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions. 31 August

Today was my last session with Julie with Reggie my six year old spaniel cross. We'd rather lost our way and I was not confident in my handling of this delightful but strong minded dog.
Five weeks on with lots of practice I can see the results! Reg is now enjoying the games and rewards Julie has taught us and has totally re-bonded with me. We are both enjoying the short, fun games and reaping the rewards.
Nothing happens overnight and without practice but Julie's methods are gentle and fun and so suited Reg. He has become more affectionate as a result and engaged with me.
I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to her. Be prepared to put in the work and see the results!

Leanne Berycz  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 10 July 

I contacted Julie to help me with my puppy Poppy who, I think it is fair to say, was a bit of a diva - very stubborn and extremely excitable!

Julie was very calm and reassuring, helping the whole family to train Poppy over a very challenging period, Covid 19, some of which involved remote sessions.

After just 5 weeks of Julies input, Poppy has settled into the family well and just this morning sat and cleaned Daisy (my 10 year old Lab) from head to toe - this never would have happened before meeting Julie.  We now have a perfect puppy thanks to Julie - she’s still a diva but in amazing way - full of character but very settled. We are 100% in love!! 💕💕    Julie you’re a star! 🌟

Chloe Green 29 weeks ago

Met with Julie yesterday and I must say, My partner and I were very impressed. Very friendly and very good at what she does. Our dog has issues with other dogs and we have now only just realised he suffers with anxiety whilst out on a lead (which we would have never have know if it wasn't for Julie!) Julie has given us some confident building games which we are going to test out over the next couple of weeks. Very intrigued to see the change in our dog and will be meeting with Julie again for some further training. So far so good and very happy with the outcome, made us feel at ease the whole time and our dog loved her!


GREAT TRAINING WITH JULIE Julie was a godsend for my rescue pup, (got him at 4 months) at 10 months he was unruly, jumping up and did not take much notice of us. Within 5 sessions Julie had calmed him down, he hardly jumped up at people and he listened and was doing as he was asked. Friends and family could not believe the difference in him which was great. Completely recommended Julie for training, a lovely person, full of good advice and showed us different techniques which was very helpful and my dog loved training with her. It was fun for him and he loved it as it was food based. Dog and owners very happy.

Michael Wing  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions.16 February · 

Julie has been a brilliant trainer, she makes training fun and her knowledge of dog behavior makes understanding how your dog feels so much easier. Leo was a very nervous puppy but now is much more confident. Many thanks.

Ellie Anderson recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions. 23 September at 14:35 · Julie is fantastic, she has trained us to train our dog in such an enjoyable way, which involves the whole family. We have noticed such a change in our young dog who just a few weeks ago seemed impossible to train!
Julie is friendly, and really knows what she is doing.  We will miss her coming, and my dog has really become fond of her! We can now enjoy our dog, Julie is worth every penny.

Fiona recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions02nd Oct 2020 DOG TRAINING PUPPY Julie at My Luka did a fantastic job of training my puppy to do all the basic training and had a great result. Had few issues with jumping up and other minor issues which Julie addressed ina fun and successful way. Would definitely recommend. Friendly and professional.

Jan S recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 24th Sep 2020 DOG TRAINING TIPS Very happy with Julie's advice and it seems to be working a treat. She has a calming influence on adults and dogs! and gave us lots of tips and reassurance, would definitely recommend her if you need help with a pet

Helen B recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions 23rd Sep 2020

AMAZING TRAINER It has been fantastic working with her and my dog has benefited so much from the sessions, would highly recommend her.

Ellie Manning 

Julie at my luka was incredible! She has transformed our dog in just 90 minutes! We are so grateful and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you Julie! We certainly recommend you!

Jane M recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions Fantastic training  25 November 2020 Just finished 5 session with Myluka and it was brilliant, Julie is a fantastic trainer, the training was fun, personally tailored to fit my dogs needs and I have to say has made a huge difference. Initially I wanted to work on recall, Julie went over and above and showed me how to really connect with my dog through games and scent work. I looked forward to the sessions each week, Julie has a knack of getting the best out of you and she is so determined to get you to reach your goals! The sessions always lasted way longer than an hour and it was obvious Julie had put a lot of effort into the planning so they are also superb value for money. I got what I wanted, a reliable recall but more importantly I learnt how to communicate effectively with my dog and as a result I feel more connected to her. That’s down to the professionalism, determination and knowledge of Myluka training, I would definitely recommend them to any dog owners.


AMAZING!!! After 4 years of struggling with pulling and a dislike of other dogs, I can now walk my dog with confidence. Julie is professional, builds a programme to suit both you and your dogs needs and makes it fun. Would absolutely recommend.

Graham Tinkler 37 weeks ago

Monty was 9 weeks old when we started one to one training with Julie at MyLuka. She asked us what our objectives were then took his training from there. Training was on a weekly basis, she was always punctual and on every session went well over the hour. The basis of the training was for a calm dog, we concentrated on boundary / socialising / confidence / Biting / Handling / recall. Julie also gave us dvd's to watch along with homework. Julie brough along training aids to use in the sessions and also props supplied by us. Monty thoroughly enjoyed his training sessions and learned a lot. Communication was excellent and she would regularly message in the week to see how we were getting on. If we had any problems or concerns we knew we could call her for ideas or advice. I would totally recommend Julie at MyLuka Graham & Lise

L L Lozza Lolly  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions. 22 August 2019 · 

Very lovely and friendly lady. Was calm even when they were jumping all over her and felt like the first session really had started to make a difference already! Can't wait to conitue with new ideas she's given us and look forward to getting her back for more helpful and excellent ideas! They are really starting to focus on me and that's just day one! Highly recommend!!!

Laura Venis  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions. 4 September 2019 · 

My dog Oscar was having problems interacting with other dogs but found out it wasn’t aggression he’s just very anxious, we learnt lots of games and its helped his confidence hugely. I also realised I was half the problem, when we see other dogs out now I work on what I have been taught and Oscar is now walking with other dogs off lead, such huge improvements! I have my dog back again and it’s thanks to you 😊


MYLUKA DOG TRAINING SOLUTIONS....THANK YOU This lovely lady could not be more helpful and kind. Always checking in on us to see how we are going on and offering all types of solutions to any training issues...could not recommend herhighly enough. Thank you for everything you do for Ryeli and myself. 

Cathy Risebrow  recommends MyLuka Dog Training Solutions.  

So pleased with the training for Misty, as she’s 5 years old I thought it would be difficult to train her but Julie (MyLuka dog training) assured me that NO dog is to old to learn. I’m absolutely amazed at the difference just 5 x 1 hour training sessions has made. Misty is so much calmer now, she doesn’t snarl or try to bite if I lift her of the sofa, she comes back to me when I call her, she also enjoys games in the garden which she never bothered about before. All visitors to my home have remarked on how much calmer she is. Misty and I have now bonded with each other and I no longer worry about her when there are young children around Anyone wanting their dog trained I would highly recommend MyLuka Dog Training Solutions. First class service.