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Training Plans

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1-2-1 Puppy Training Foundation 2-6 months

Five weeks of one hour puppy training sessions in your own home working on:- 

  • confidence
  • calmness
  • flexibility
  • self control
  • focus
  • loose lead walking
  • recall

Each week we will learn new dog training games and this will help any future learning of behaviours easy.  Teaching your puppy to think gives them many options to deal with any situation they find themselves in and enables them to make good choices.

Package price £250

(+£25 if you live further than 10 miles from  King's Lynn)


Initial Consultation

Email me to book your FREE discovery call at  

The discovery call will give you an opportunity to discuss the dog training struggles you are having with your dog so that we are prepared for the initial consultation.  

The consultation is approximately 90 minutes and includes theory and practical work, followed up by email a week later to see how you are getting on with the simple training tasks that you and your dog are working on together.  This consultation offers initial guidance and a follow up training programme is highly recommended to achieve your goals.  The Initial Consultation is £95 and is payable at the time of booking to secure your appointment slot.

1-2-1 Puppy Training Junior - 6-12 Months Old

As an experienced dog trainer I provide 1-2-1 dog training within the family environment to enhance real life results both for you and your puppy.  Always with a no pressure approach, force free and kind.  You will learn to understand cues from your puppy training and see when they are tired and need a rest etc.  Each week we will be learning a new life skill to help your puppy become a confident, happy and loving member of your family. 

This training package follows on or can be taken separately from the puppy foundation training and takes your skills and your puppy's confidence to the next level - SuperPup!

Package price £250

(+£25 if you live further than 10 miles from  King's Lynn)

puppy in the garden
dog laying calmly in the home

1-2-1 Life Skills Training  12 months +

Five weeks of one hour dog training in your own home:-

  • Your relationship on and off the lead.  
  • How to interact and play using games, how this helps with struggles.  
  • Being confident and optimistic either solving a problem or leaving a distraction is an essential skill.
  • Walking nicely on a lead, come back when called and love being close to you?
  • Get a great recall which will teach self control, disengagement, thinking in arousal and being engaged with you for a fantastic relationship. 
  • Fun for all the family to get involved and a fantastic learning experience for everyone.

Package price from £275

(+£25 if you live further than 10 miles from King's Lynn)

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1-2-1 Individual Training Plans

Individual Training Plans will be discussed after the initial consultation has taken place once we know what struggles we are dealing with and if you wish to go ahead with further training I will create a unique training plan specifically for your dog training or puppy training needs.

Contact me for more information on training, I can help you with:-

Loose lead walking



Dog/dog interactions




and more

Join the Absolute Dogs Training Academy for more fun games

As a Partner with Absolute Dogs, I have the pleasure of announcing that the doors to the Absolute Dogs Training Academy are now open and I am giving you a heads up! Academy only opens up two or three times a year for two weeks so this is your chance to become a GAMECHANGER!

Games are very much a way of life for me and my dog now thanks to the Training Academy.  We have a fantastic relationship that I am really proud of and there is no other way to train that gets amazing real life results.  This is force free, rewarding, kind, effective dog training and this is why I train the Absolute Dogs Training Academy way as a Pro Dog Trainer myself, it is the best thing you could do whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, games are the way to train.

If you want your dog to learn to walk at the side of you and not pull you over then Training Academy has you covered.  Simple three minute games to help you achieve your goals, yes really, three minute games! 


You can now get into the Training Academy directly through me at MyLuka Dog Training Solutions and this means so much for you too as you will have me to support you with your dog training adventure with a Facebook Group dedicated to Training Academy Members with lives, competitions, resources and updates and that is on top of all the amazing stuff that you will be getting in the Academy.  This is the Netflix of dog training! 

  • Online access to hundreds of games
  • Bonus resources such as 10 days to a food/toy crazed dog and more
  • 10in10 lives via Facebook led by Tom and/or Lauren
  • New game each week
  • Private Facebook Group
  • £30 / $40 USD per month subscription which can be cancelled at any time, you are not locked in to any length of time, so if this isn’t for you then you are free to stop when you want to.

Follow the link below to take advantage of your exclusive invite to Training Academy (this is only open for two weeks maximum, three times a year).  You will have all the support that you need from me at MyLuka Dog Training Solutions just ask!


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