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Julie is a Puppy Training Specialist and Multiple Award Winning Dog Trainer based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.  Providing one to one training in your own home, training sessions are force free, reward based, kind, ethical and effective.

Offering support for the following:-

Puppy Support (before and after you bring puppy home)

Adolescent (the dreaded teenager stage)


Reactivity (in the home and on walks)

Household Manners & Lifeskills (visitors, jumping up, barking at the door or anything that goes past the window, pinching food off work surfaces, stealing socks etc)

Lead walking & Recall Training

Separation Related Behaviours and Anxiety


Concept Training

This is the way I train, not in the situation but for the situation.  Working on concepts that your dog struggles with such as confidence, self control, calmness, independence, flexibility, optimism and arousal.  How does this work?  Well if your dog is struggling walking on a loose lead, we ask ourselves, is it because they are pessimistic, frustrated, stressed, nervous, excited or fearful?  We then work on these concepts with your dog so that it enables them to deal with the situations that the find themselves in.  When we train we look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves what does a dog that walks nicely on a lead look like?  Calm, confident and focused, so we work on these concepts with your dog to boost their skills in these areas.

 As a Concept Trainer I look at solutions and not the problem, taking away the negative and replacing it with positive.  What do we want?  We can then work out how we can achieve this and break it down into the concepts that are needed.  Calmness is a great skill for most dogs. therefore if your dog is calm they are able to process and learn what you are teaching them.  

Concept training is not all about giving your dog food every time they do something you like!  We build up a bank of what your dog enjoys and use them to reinforce the good stuff.  Luka loves playing catch with toys so we incorporate this into our training plan.  It is all about having fun with your dog, building your relationship and gaining trust.  Remember that every dog is unique with their own needs and we must respect that and treat them as an individual.  Training is not a one size fits all.

Dog & Puppy Training Sessions in Your Own Home

MyLuka Dog Training Solutions provides you with award winning one to one coaching in your own home with our experienced dog and puppy training specialist. With over six years working with puppies, dogs and their families, Julie understands how dog training struggles can affect relationships with your dog and other family members.  Her aim is to help you build a stronger bond with your dog and in return get those training struggles turned into strengths.  

Contact Julie now for a free 20 minute discovery call to chat about your training needs.

So if you have a new puppy or an older dog that needs dog training in Norfolk, then contact me and we can arrange a free 20 minute discovery phone call to talk through your needs.

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