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One to one training programmes available in and around King's Lynn, Norfolk

Puppy Foundation Training

Five weeks of one to one puppy training in your own home with an experienced Certified Puppy Training Specialist.  You will receive training resources each week to support your learning and have access to email support if needed during the week.

Why train with me?

When Luka my own dog was a puppy, he was a biting, nipping, eating machine.  He didn't sleep and we couldn't leave him alone even for a minute without him having a meltdown.  This really did affect our relationship and made it harder for us to bond.  Through trial and error we found our way to game based training and we haven't looked back.  

I know how it feels to have a puppy that struggles to adjust.  I also know that with support and guidance you can help your puppy grow. 

With our Puppy Foundation course it all starts with building a strong relationship together.   Once you have a strong base to work with, the possibilities are endless!

Adolescent Dog Training

Adolescent dogs are the equivalent of a two and a half year old child and are prone to going off and doing their own thing without a care in the world! 

Hormones can take over at this stage in a dogs development and it can be a very difficult time for us as pet parents.  All of the previous training you have put in place and worked really hard on has gone out of the window.  Or has it?  No, it is all still there! 

Believe me, this is a hard time for your dog too.  They are not being naughty, spiteful, stubborn or anything else.  I know it feels personal when your dog is ignoring you and it's easy to think that they are doing it deliberately.  It's hormones playing their part and it will all fall back into place with the right training and guidance.

Getting your dog neutered isn't the answer to all of your problems, sometimes this can make things worse if you have a dog that is anxious or fearful.  Please always speak to your vet for advice on neutering.

If you are struggling with your adolescent dog, get in touch for support.  This is the stage that most dogs get rehomed or placed in rescue centres because of their behaviour.  Help is available and I am here to support both you and your dog.

Life Skills Training

Does your dog struggle with household manners, recall, reactivity or loose lead walking. 

Maybe separation related behaviours are making you feel trapped in your own home and socially isolated?  

Let's start with household manners.  Jumping up at visitors, barking at anything or everything, stealing things they shouldn't have and not giving them back. Sound familiar?

Maybe you can't walk your dog because they pull so hard you are scared of being injured or dragged into the road or towards another dog?

You let your dog off lead and they run over to a family having a picnic and cause chaos and you can't get them back?

Your dog reacts to the environment pulling, lunging and barking at the world around them?

Does your dog struggle to be left at home on their own, even if you just go to the local shop for a few minutes?  This can be a very challenging situation to be in and unfortunately it is very common to find yourself a prisoner in your own home.

Life Skills training is for your if your dog struggles with any of these issues.  I have dealt with all of these issues over the six years that I have been supporting pet parents and I am here to support and guide you too.

Contact me for a chat about training and find out how I can help you. 

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Tailored Training Plans

I create individual training plans for each dog and this is based on your family dynamics, what you want and what you need.

You will also receive training resources to help support you with your learning, if you understand why you are doing something it makes things so much easier!

One-on-One Sessions

When training takes place in your own home, you and your dog feel safe and more confident.  I encourage you to ask questions to get the most out of our training sessions. There are no distractions from a busy training class and therefore sessions are more productive.

Kind, Ethical, Force-Free & Effective Training

My aim is to help you create a strong relationship that you can be truly proud of.  Providing long term support, I show you how to train your dog with game-based training that is fun, effective and always force-free.

Passionate and Experienced Dog Trainer

As an independent award-winning dog and puppy trainer, founded in 2019,  I am committed to providing long-term support to my clients.

With specialist qualifications in canine body language, reactivity, puppy training, separation related behaviour, scentwork, and much more, I take a personalised approach to each dogs needs. 

Whatever your struggle there is a solution!

Why did I become a dog trainer?

Early in 2017 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and was forced to give up work as a Learning Support Assistant in the local primary school.  It took me a while to adjust to the changes but I knew this wouldn't stop me doing what I loved so I studied hard to become a dog trainer.  I only work on a one to one basis because noisy, busy environments can be a trigger for my illness.

After two years years of studying and gaining practical experience (I often went off to Devon to train with the Country's top dog trainers and their dogs, I also took my own dog Luka for some much needed training!) I was ready to help people with their dog training struggles and in 2019 and MyLuka Dog Training Solutions was born.  I am still learning and gaining qualifications to keep up to date with all of the latest training techniques, I love being a geek!

Since then I have won multiple awards for my dog training, puppy and adolescent training and business of the year awards which I am very proud of.  This success has been mainly due to the support that I offer you as a client, customer service is my number one priority, if you are happy then you feel confident enough to make the most of our time together and this is important to me as I offer a service that requires trust and respect. 


My mission is to support dog and puppy parents, through education and training to enjoy a long and happy life with their pet.  I always start with building a strong relationship between dogs and their family as this is where most of the struggles start. 

If you have been having issues with loose lead walking, reactivity, barking and lunging, jumping up at dogs and people, not wanting to come back if you let them off lead, this can have a massive impact on your relationship.  We need to go back to basics and I am here to show you how.  

Bringing the fun back into your relationship strengthens your bond and gets you working together again as a team.  What more could you ask for!  Training can be as hard or as simple as you want it to be.  Let's make it easy and enjoy the time you have with your special friend.


One to One

Dog Training Programmes

Puppy Foundation Training Sessions


 Free 15 minute Discovery Call

 3 one-hour sessions


 Personalized training plan

  Phone/email support (Mon-Fri 9-5pm)

Extra sessions available to purchase

*£20 extra for consults outside PE30

Adolescent Training Sessions


Free 15 minute Discovery Call

3 one-hour sessions

Personalized training plan

Phone/email support (Mon-Fri 9-5pm)

Further training sessions available to purchase

*£20 extra for consults outside PE30

Life Skills Training Sessions


Free 15 minute Discovery Call

3 one-hour sessions

Personalized training plan

Phone/email support

Further training sessions available to purchase

*£20 extra for consults outside PE30

Transformative Tales: Real Stories from MyLuka Dog Training Solutions

Shell (Google Review)

Five Week Life Skills Programme


We have just completed our 5 week training programme with Julie and I can honestly say it has been fantastic and so much fun.  Julie worked with me and my 3 year old newly rescued husky and the results are beyond belief.  I was an experienced husky owner, but wasn't coping so well with this new addition to the home.  

In this short time frame, he has become a much happier, calmer (mostly!) and fantastic dog to be around and the bond between him and I is far more than I have experienced with any previous dog.

I would highly recommend Julie to anyone struggling with any issues with their furry friend.  I would also recommend the games based training to anyone as it puts fun and learning together.

Thank you so much MyLuka Training!

Gabby (Google Review)

Puppy Foundation Programme


We had the pleasure of working with Julie from MyLuka Dog Training Solutions to train our puppy Koda.

Julie tailored the training to Koda's specific needs and our goals, making each session highly effective and enjoyable.  Her extensive knowledge in dog training shone through as she adeptly adjusted the techniques to suit Koda's individual needs.  Her game-based training methods were really easy to follow and a lot of fun, keeping Koda engaged and eager to learn!

Each week, she provided us with valuable tailored training resources that were incredibly helpful for reinforcing the lessons at home.  Julie's ability to adapt and personalise the training experience made a significant difference in Koda's progress.

We highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a skilled and personable dog trainer.  Should we need further assistance we would not hesitate to call Julie again.  She truly excels at what she does.

Laura (Google Review)

Adolescent Training Programme


We booked training for our 16 month old Cockapoo which was a visit from Julie for one hour a week for five weeks.

Julie completely tailored the training to the specific needs of our dog Hamish and understood what we as a family were hoping to achieve throughout the sessions.

The game-based training was not only easy to follow but a lot of fun!

Julie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and mixing things up for the dogs individual needs.

She always sent through specific training resources each week which were incredibly helpful.

We wouldn't hesitate in recommending MyLuka Dog Training Solutions, Julie really is fantastic at what she does and should the need arise, we would call her in an instant.

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