Does your Dog Struggle at Home or in the Environment?

 When we brought Luka home in 2017 as an eight week old puppy he was a boisterous biting, nipping eating machine!  Our children started to avoid him because he would grab at their clothes, ankles and hands constantly.  They were terrified of this little monster.  

We struggled with sleepless nights, crate training, toilet training and separation related behaviours to name a few!  The exhaustion that we felt started to affect our relationship.

I fell into dog training by accident really, I wanted to help Luka adjust and feel comfortable.  I knew that I didn’t want the same harsh training that my other dog experienced. There didn’t seem to be any dog trainers in our area that provided force free training then.  We therefore had to be resourceful and creative.  

With my background working with children under six, I found game based training and we didn’t look back.  Gradually we built a great relationship with Luka.  He is seven years old now, I am so happy that we found a way through those difficult early years.  

I understand the feeling of being socially isolated with a dog that can’t walk well on a lead and has no recall.  I have experienced a lot of struggles with Luka and I know how it affects the whole family. 

Through game based training methods we have a wonderful relationship with Luka.  He now looks forward to playing games and interacting with us every day.  His focus, confidence and listening skill are amazing, I am so proud of his achievements.

How can I help you?

Whatever your struggle with your dog or puppy, I am here to coach you so that you can effectively train your dog or puppy at home.  I want you to experience the joy that comes with training through play, so that you can see how your relationship starts to strengthen.  Your dog will be eager to engage and listen to you, we will be creating a bond that is strong enough to build on.

Training can take time, is never instant but it is well worth putting in the effort to get great results.  It is my job to show you how to do this effectively using kind, ethical and force free training techniques.  

Concept Training


This is the way I train, not in the situation but for the situation.  Working on concepts that your dog struggles with such as confidence, self control, calmness, independence, flexibility, optimism and arousal.  

How does this work?  

Well if your dog is struggling walking on a loose lead, we ask ourselves, is it because they are pessimistic, frustrated, stressed, nervous, excited or fearful?  We then work on these concepts with your dog to enable them to deal with the situations that the find themselves in.  When we train, we look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves what does a dog that walks nicely on a lead look like?  Calm, confident and focused, so we work on these concepts with your dog to boost their skills in these areas.

As a Concept Trainer I look at solutions and not the problem.  Taking away the negative and replacing it with positive.  

What do we want?  

We can then work out how we can achieve this and break it down into the concepts that are needed.  Calmness and confidence are great skills for most dogs. 

Concept training is not all about giving your dog food every time they do something you like!  We build up a bank of rewards that your dog enjoys and use them to reinforce the good stuff.  Luka loves playing catch with toys so we incorporate this into our training plan.  It is all about having fun with your dog, building your relationship and gaining trust.  

Remember that every dog is unique with their own needs and we must respect that and treat them as an individual.  Training is not a one size fits all.

Dog & Puppy Training in Your Home

Award winning one to one coaching in your own home with an experienced dog and puppy training specialist. With over six years working with puppies, dogs and their families, I understand how dog training struggles can affect relationships with your dog and other family members.  My aim is to help you build a stronger bond with your dog and in return get those training struggles turned into strengths.  

Contact Julie now for a free 20 minute discovery call to chat about your training needs.

So if you have a new puppy or an older dog that needs dog training in Norfolk, then contact me and we can arrange a free 20 minute discovery phone call to talk through your needs.

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