Dog and Puppy
Training Plans

1-1 Dog and Puppy Training Plans

What training do we offer at MyLuka Dog Training Solutions?
  • Puppy Support – before and after puppy comes home
  • Adolescent Support – the teenager struggles are real!
  • Recall – all ages and stages
  • Walking Skills – all ages and sizes
  • Separation Related Behaviours
  • Reactivity
  • Life Skills Support 

Bond Boosting – Relationship Success Training Sessions

*  4 x 30 minute game based training sessions to get you working together as a team

The power of interaction is strong and when you play games with your dog, give them a massage or just look at them, the feel good hormones such as oxytocin (the love hormone), dopamine (supports feelings of reward and motivation), serotonin (feelings of positive emotions) and endorphins (release stress and create a feeling of wellbeing) are released making you feel a strong connection and bond towards each other.  

When your relationship breaks down due to behavioural issues, these hormones are also affected and you are less likely to want to play with your dog, you don’t feel motivated or inspired to interact with them in the same way that you used to and this can cause tension within the whole family leading to a negative cycle that you don’t seem to be able to manage.

MyLuka’s Bond Boosting Programme strengthens your relationship and brings the fun back, this will then motivate and inspire you to work on your training so that you are more likely to achieve the goals you are looking for.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

£120  (within 6 miles of King’s Lynn PE30)

Silver Programme

Whatever your training struggle, whether you are a new puppy parent or have an adolescent or older dog, I am here to support you. Each training session is designed to help you train your dog and build your confidence as well as theirs so that you can carry on the training when the sessions have ended.

* 20 minute free discovery call

* 3 x 1 Hour training sessions in your own home

* Email, phone or text support Monday- Friday

* Training Resources to support your learning

* Further training sessions are available to purchase

Silver Programme price £150

All training sessions must be taken with 6 weeks of first session
£20 added for travel outside PE30 area

Gold Programme

Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages and stages, whatever their struggle. I will guide you through your training and help you train your dog. You can ask questions, send me a text, email or even a phone call during working hours and I will be there to support you.

* 20 minute free discovery call

* 5 x 1 Hour training sessions in your own home

* Email, telephone or text support Monday-Friday

* Training Resources to support your learning

* Gift pack

* Further sessions are available to purchase

Gold Programme price £250

All training sessions must be taken within 10 weeks of first session
£20 added for travel outside PE30 area

How to book your training programme

I ask that full payment is made at the time of booking to secure your training sessions.  I will send you an invoice and payment is made through BACS transfer.  Once payment has been made I will send out your training resources to support your learning.  You also have access to me for any questions you may have, this is through email, text or phone call during working hours Monday to Friday.

I don’t offer refunds once training has commenced, there are no exceptions.  This is because I spend quality time planning and preparing for our lessons as well as sharing valuable resources.  I ask that all training sessions be taken within three months of your first session.  

When you book your training with MyLuka Dog Training Solutions you agree to these terms of service.


Training sessions take place in your own home on a one to one basis. We want to build your confidence and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Customer testimonials

Julie has been a delight to work with. Our 4 month old puppy has learnt so much and is continuing to develop. Julie is patient and is very good at what she does (she knows her stuff) would definitely recommend for dog training to family and friends.

Julie has been absolutely excellent with all the training for my puppy. The sessions were on a weekly basis which was extremely easy to understand and straightforward that ensured amazing results. Julie is highly proficient and professional. I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to her, however you must be prepared to put in the work in order to see the results!

Julie has really helped us for the past 5 weeks with training, confidence and separation anxiety with our 10 week old puppy. She came to our home weekly and sent us lots of helpful tools and advice to help us being new puppy parents. It’s really helped us and made things a lot easier for us and for Marty. Thank you!