Student Gallery

All puppies and dogs in our student gallery have undergone training, either puppy foundationpuppy junioradolescent or life skills training

puppy in bed
Working on Boundary

Learning to stay calm and relaxed when people came into the home

Excited Labrador
Worked on jumping up, lead pulling, reactivity towards other dogs, recall and a few other issues.
Puppy Foundation
Household manners and loose lead walking with a buggy.
jumping, nipping and excited puppy, foundation training is needed.
puppy crate training

Let your puppy sleep, they need up to 20 hours every day for optimal health

Foundation Training

Learning the basics so that family life is easy

Focus training

Does your puppy listen to you?

Confidence foundation training

Confidence is a concept that is needed for every day life

Foundation fun

Have fun and build up your relationship from the start

Puppy Confidence Foundation Training

Keep topping up your puppy’s confidence

Foundation Training Award

Training is for the whole family not just for puppy or dog, we are all learning

Building Confidence Foundation

Play games to boost optimism and confidence in the environment

Giant breed Junior training

Larger breeds can struggle with their size and how they manage their body, we can help them too

Confidence Junior training

Games are the way to build confidence in the environment

Make learning fun

Make learning fun

Family training

All members of the family can train especially if it’s fun

Life Skills Relationship

No dog is too old to learn how to interact and grow new skills

scent training

Use the skills your dog already has and get them working

Confidence Life Skills

Learning to focus and listen is an important skill to have when out and about

Life Skills Recall Training

We work for the situation and not in the situation

Life Skills loose lead walking

Learning the skills we need to become less reactive on walks

Julie and Luka

It all started with my Luka


Understanding your dogs body language plays an important role in training


Working on appropriate greetings and excitement with visitors in the home or outside on a walk

Multi Dog Households

Learning to live together in harmony

Reacting Terriers

Learning to ignore other dogs while out walking

dog in garden